Digital Billboard Mockup | 25+ Outstanding PSD & Vector Design Template


Digital Billboard Mockup | 25+ Outstanding PSD & Vector Design Template: Digital Billboard is the billboard used for advertisement in the form of a digital picture that is changing every second, controlled by a computer. For increasing your brand awareness, you should undoubtedly utilize a digital billboard for advertisement. A billboard can be placed in the marketplace or any other crowded place to spread your company awareness and attract new potential clients for better marketing exposure. There are different billboards forms, which could also be utilized for marketing and branding exposure, such as outdoor billboardsstreet billboardsbus stand billboardssubway billboards, etc.

We have selected some of the best and amazing digital billboards for you to choose from according to the requirement and can be easily modified in Adobe Photoshop. Simply insert your company name and logo in the template and make the necessary adjustments. The files are in the form of PSD for easy modification with different layers and dimensions. You can change color, design, background, texture, etc.

Given below are all fantastic collections of Digital Billboard mockup designs. If you have chosen any of these designs for your product branding and want to customize it, you can also contact us at Fiverr for personalized customization.

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Digital Billboard Mockup | 25+ Outstanding PSD & Vector Design Template 1

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Digital Billboard Mockup | 25+ Outstanding PSD & Vector Design Template 2


Mockupden Exclusive Free Digital Billboard Mockup PSD Files for our Visitors: Updated New Inclusion on 17/06/2021Digital Billboard Mockup | 25+ Outstanding PSD & Vector Design Template 3

Free Digital Billboard Outdoor Advertising Mockup PSD Template

Free Billboard Outdoor Advertising Mockup PSD Template

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Free Stand Bill Board Mockup PSD Template

Free Stand Bill Board Mockup PSD Template Close up of a Free Stand Bill Board Mockup PSD Template

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Free Light Board Mockup PSD Template

Free Light Board Mockup PSD Template Free Light Board Mockup PSD TemplateFree Light Board Mockup PSD Template

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Roadside Outdoor Digital Billboard Mockup Free PSD Template

Free Roadside Outdoor Billboard Mockup PSD Template

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Digital Billboard Mockup Free PSD Template

Free Digital Billboard Mockup PSD Template

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Street Side Digital Billboard Mockup Free PSD Template

Free Street Side Digital Billboard Mockup PSD Template

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#1. Digital Billboard Mockup at Airport

Digital Billboard at Airport Mockup

Digital billboards are a unique and genuine method for advertisement. Advertisements through billboards may be expensive, but it can play a vital role in its success. So if you are trying to work on this type of project, this digital billboards mockup will be an excellent option for you. When placed outside of the airport, they can grab the attention of all the passengers passing by. It is a rectangular billboard where your brand promotion could be placed on the glass wall background. This is a JPG file available in the dimension of 6152 x 4506 pixels.


#2. Led Billboard Mockup

Led Billboard Mockup

Make your billboard design unforgettable so that it stands for your brand and increases sales numbers. This is a simple mockup displaying text in dot format in various colors on a black background. You can put your company name along with the slogan in this digital billboard for advertisement. This file comes in WOFF, TTF, OTF in 30 KB size.


#3. Led Bus stand Digital Billboard Mockup

Led Bus stand Billboard Mockup

Advertisements on the digital billboard will enhance the revelation of the company. This type of advertising is essential for building a great business brand and spreading branding awareness. If you are searching for an outdoor billboard mockup for your upcoming project, this bus stand billboard template will suit your desire. The mockup is displaying an image of a beautiful lady waiting at the bus stand. Three blank billboards are placed in different sizes and dimensions. All are made in white color covered with a black border to display your brand name, logo, design, etc. on it. The bus stand is at a bustling road, and a roof is made to protect the public waiting and the digital billboards. This JPG file comes in a size of 17.24MB with a dimension of 7952 x 5304 pixels. You can subtly insert your brand detail for promotion with the help of Adobe Photoshop.


#4.Tunnel Billboard MockupTunnel Billboard Mockup

The Billboards represent your brand, so make your design noticeable and authentic for grabbing the attention of potential customers. You can select this fantastic outdoor tunnel billboard for your project. This mockup features a digital billboard on the entrance of a metro tunnel. The billboard is placed near the escalator and above the tunnel to catch the passengers who are traveling through the metro. The billboard is rectangular and hanging with the help of a rope. Your advertisement will pop up on the screen in a vast text format made with the black border, which would distinctly appear isolated and exceptional. This mockup is present in both the JPG and PSD format, with a dimension of 3600 x 2700 pixels at 300 dpi.


#5.Highroad Billboard Mockup

Highroad Billboard Mockup

This mockup template shows a huge landscape digital billboard that can be utilized, especially for the restaurant’s advertisement. It can also be used for road signs, promotions, etc. The billboard stands on the two-pole on the highway road. It will surely grab the attention of the public crossing through it. This is a high-resolution mockup that can be used for billboards and roll up banner and comes in two variants. It’s a vector file available in PSD and PDF format in 59.86 MB.


#6.Street Billboard Mockup

Street Billboard Mockup

This is another massive landscape digital billboard mockup that can be implemented for different advertisement purposes. The billboard mockup shows your real talent to present the project in a friendly environment. The billboard stands on an iron pole beside a commercial building. Your band name will display at the center in a vast text format, and other information can be placed anywhere on the billboard. This mockup is fully customizable to change the color, text, and background as per your requirement. It’s a high-resolution, fully layered PSD file that can be modified in Adobe Photoshop.


#7. Signage and Billboard Mockup

Signage and Billboard Mockup


#8. Airport Billboard Mockup

Airport Billboard Mockup

This Mockup is an instant attention-grabbing digital billboard for the brand sales, information, shop places, etc. The billboard stands on two iron pillars and also comes with three street lights. A rectangular billboard is created to present ads on both sides and can be altered background, color, and image. You can also add the effect of light and shadow for the project presentation. It is a PSD file with a dimension of 6000(w) × 4500(h) pixels and can be editable in Adobe Photoshop.


#9. Blue Color Subway/Airport Digital Billboard Mockup PSDBlue Color Subway/Airport Billboard PSD


#10. Smart Subway Scene Billboard MockupSmart Subway Scene Billboard Mockup

This Airport/subway digital billboard requires no introduction because of it’s authenticated quality and appearance. It could be used for brand promotion—this an ancient and reliable method to promote your brand at the subway or airport. The billboard is a rectangle in shape placed vertically on the floor for catching courtesy of the passengers passing through it. Your ads that can be an image or a small video will display on-screen placed at the top of the billboard controlled by computer. This PSD mockup is made with seven realistic changeable backgrounds and usually can be edited in Adobe Photoshop. The measurement is 3000×2000 pixel size at 300 dpi (dot per image).


#11 – Green Color Roadside Billboard Mockup PSD DesignGreen Color Roadside Billboard Mockup PSD Design

This roadside bus stand billboard is a perfect example of how billboard should be designed and where it should be displayed. This mockup template features a giant size billboard design fixed on the bus stand background structure. A passenger who waits for the bus to take has to lay their eyes on the billboard advertisement, and if the ad is creative and attractive, it will leave a lasting impression on the customer’s mind for sure.

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#12 – Giant Digital Billboard Mockup PSDGiant Digital Billboard Mockup PSD

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#13 – Light Blown Metro Station Digital Billboard MockupLight Blown Metro Station Billboard Mockup

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#14 – Digital Billboard Mockup Placed In front Of Stairs Billboard Placed In front Of Stairs Mockup

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#15 – High Resolution Outdoor Billboard MockUpHigh Resolution Outdoor Billboard MockUp

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#16 – Giant Yellow Color Digital Billboard SceneGiant Yellow Color Digital Billboard Scene

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#17 – Digital Billboard Mockup Placed On Bridge SceneBillboard Placed On Bridge Mockup Scene

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#18 – Smart Billboard Placed On Shopping Mall MockupSmart Billboard Placed On Shopping Mall Mockup

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#19 – City Billboard mockup FreeCity Billboard mockup Free

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#20 – Vertical Digitized Digital Billboard Mockup Scene IllustrationVertical Digitized Billboard Scene Illustration

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#21 – Billboard MockupBillboard Mockup

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#22 – Realistic Design White Color Digital Billboard Mockup IllustrationRealistic Design White Color Billboard Illustration

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#23 – Yellow Shade Highway Digital Billboard Mockup SceneYellow Shade Highway Billboard Scene

Placing billboard advertisement at the right place is another crucial factor which should not be taken lightly by the business or advertising agencies who work on behalf of the companies. Roadside or inside malls are preferred places because many people turn out to those locations every day and visualize the advertisement billboard if the billboard advertisement is creatively designed and carries a meaningful message that will certainly going to leave a positive impression on the viewers’ mind and will able to create curiosity about the advertised product or service.

This cutting edge billboard mockup is one such design concept which you can use to advertise any product, brand, or service. This fantastic mockup displays the company logo at the bottom side of the template with a close view of a person right beside it. The top right corner of the advertisement template campaign message has been displayed in radiant fonts and color.

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#24 – Giant Orange Color 360 Digital BillboardGiant Orange Color 360 Digital Billboard

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#25 – Free Girl Watching Billboard Customizable template PSD FileFree Girl Watching Billboard Customizable template PSD File

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#26 – Horizontal Sap Green Color BillboardHorizontal Sap Green Color Billboard

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#27 – 4×1 Size Vertical Billboard Illustration4x1 Size Vertical Billboard Illustration

A busy street is always a prefered destination for display advertisement because thousands of people use a busy street, making that place worthy of advertising. What could be a better replacement for a massive street billboard? Like, this particular mockup template is showcasing a beautiful advertisement displayed on a highway. All the passerby can not go unnoticed this giant advertisement board, and the prime purpose of reaching people could be quickly met by using this street billboard design template.

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