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27+ attractive and trendy Square Booklet Mockup PSD template – A Booklet is often used as an informative paper document for marketing and promotion and if you have taken up a project to design and present an awesome artwork, you need inspiration in the form of booklet mockups. Diversified mockups will let you visualize how your design will look like in different perspective as a final product. You can use them in the client’s demonstration or simply add them in your portfolio as different varieties of single product design.

The main benefit of these files PSD file is they come in several smart layers where all design elements are kept separately that you can pick and edit anything and can see how the changed effect working with other elements, live before even making any final changes. You can try multiple variations before finalizing your Square Booklet Mockup.

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We understand that you may already have a great booklet design ready and want to try that in a different presentation to see how it works. Our diversified collection of 25+ attractive and trendy Square Booklet Mockup PSD template will give you cutting-edge visibility to check out your design idea. This compilation is rich in terms of diversification. We have made sure to include a vast range of Booklet mockups starting from a square booklet, a stack of booklet, open booklet, side view booklet, booklet with office stationery and branding scene and much more. So whatever your intention is, you would have the perfect choice for your need. For any marketing and branding promotion, just drag and drop your design into these booklet design templates and you will have a neat design ready to entice your client or the customer.

We have included some as in brochure style format that if you have brand awareness, promotion or products and services announcement campaign you can freely use them to achieve your goal. We have listed here our premium page banner and the link where we customize various mockup designs. If you want any of your mockup designs to be got customize by us, then you can follow us on Fiverr.

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Mockupden Exclusive Free Square Booklet Mockup PSD Files for our Visitors: Updated New Inclusion on 08/08/2020Square Booklet Mockup | 27+ Trendy Booklet PSD template 3

#1. Purple Booklet And Brochure MockupPurple Booklet And Brochure Mockup

A designer’s primary focus should be creating a booklet mockup that creates interest among the viewer. They should be visually attractive especially the cover and well formated with pictures and text but shouldn’t be too flashy at the same time. It may sound a bit tricky but with the help of our listed mockups, you can easily achieve that goal.

A well-crafted booklet design can enrich the brand awareness to a great extent and increase the visibility of a business. As this product carries so much importance that is why you should try your design idea on different ready-made mockup templates before you finalize your design. Our first inclusion in this list is a classic yet professional artwork from Envato marketplace. This square booklet mockup could be a great instrument for advertisement. Mockup design consists of several smart object features that you can utilize to replace the design where needed. Well and categorically named layers would be a great help for changing texture and color and easy drag and drop facility is another key feature on this template.

This mockup bundle offers 4 different PSD files in different placement angle. Every PSD has alternative poses with Organized layers. Realistic effects and shadows along with Changeable background with several smart named layers are key features of this premium template. Use Photoshop CS version 3 or above to customize this template by inserting a company logo on the cover and other details into respective places.

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#2. Booklet On a Wooden Table MockupBooklet On a Wooden Table Mockup

Achieve your promotional goal with the help of a free booklet mockup template. This helpful promotional tool will also help you to reach thousands of potential customers. So you should make sure it is catered well and the customer feels attracted. You can do that easily with the help of this free brochure come booklet template by dragging your drawn design and placing it into this ready-made template. Examine the output and modify or remove any unnecessary items. This simple mockup features a booklet placed on a wooden table background with a perspective view. The company name is given on the top left corner of the booklet. Use the middle portion to name the project. The bottom right corner displays the year in a bold letter that you know which year project you are viewing.

Use any compatible editing tool like Photoshop to customize this booklet template for the client’s presentation or you can simply add your own details to include in your design portfolio. It’s a high-resolution 4000X3000 PX dimension file that you can have a life-size feel. If needed change the image or use any other background like office stationery items or stationery branding for compatible presentation.

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#3. Open Square Booklet PSD/Brochure/Catalog TemplateOpen Square Booklet PSD/Brochure/Catalog Template

This square template is created with a multi-purpose objective. You can use this premium template as Booklet, brochure, or as a product catalog if you have to. Beautifully crafted by renowned designer ‘MassDream” and it comes with personal and commercial license as well when you are granted the access to download the file.

let me inform you this a huge bundle consists of 12 PSD files in 18 different presentation view. All the files stand at 3000x2000px / with 300dpi resolution. Separate instruction file will guide you how you can use them in a different project. 18 views have different presentation outlook. The first presentation starts with an open catalog booklet that has different products listed on it with respective details and icons. If you would like to use it as a product catalog for promotion or client demonstration, edit the listed product and replace them with your own. Include your product details in small letters that they are not too obvious and disrupt the product image view.

The next view showcases an open booklet backside that you can have a look on the cover and backside. The cover page and backside are the two most important places for branding. Use your company name and logo on either place that viewers know at what brand they are looking at. Use an attractive logo of your business for an added effect and branding exposure. Rest views showcase different other presentations like the front view from a top angle, side view, only the backside, side faced view etc. Use any of these suitable to your needs.

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#4. City Scene Print Booklet Template DesignCity Scene Print Booklet Template Design

It is pretty much important to know your customer’s needs. What they want, how they want the design to be and most importantly what are they trying to achieve. A promotional branding or marketing focus product would be way different from a simple product information page mainly because they won’t have any call-to-action segment. Once you have cleared with your client wants and have a great understanding of their need it’s time to choose the right template to start your booklet design. Depending on the project need you can either opt for a free template of premium one with more features. Here is a creative design template with all the required features of a standard PDS file. It is created by Mockupcloud keeping in mind for the need of brochure and booklet presentation.

You can effortlessly promote any company brand or product with the help of this fantastic template. This square brochure mockup template is print-ready with 5 different presentation perspectives. You can choose anyone or all if you need to. Just use the smart layers and carefully edit the portions like replacing the company brand or logo you are working with, edit the product details, change the background. Changing shadow and texture is not compulsory and you can go with the default design but if needed they are open for alteration.

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#5. Fashion Catalogue On Table MockupFashion Catalogue On Table Mockup

Fashion itself is a creative industry. So anything related to fashion has to be visually attractive because visuals play an extremely important role in fashion. If you are working in any fashion related promotional project, you should choose a brochure or booklet design which is specially created for a fashion product. Obviously, you can make anything of your own but that would require sufficient time and resources. But if you consider using a ready-made template that will give you a handy edge over time and productivity. We have included a fashion Brochure Mockup template which is really eye candy and has +6 different presentation perspectives. It is an ideal product for any fashion-related items.

After you clarify your client’s need, pick any presentation scene from these 6 templates and begin the customizing procedure. The smart layer is your friend. Select any named layers and make the customization according to the project requirement. This pack has 6 background textures included along with a compatible color scheme in 3500×2335 pixel resolution with 300 dpi resolution quality. This PSD pack is open for any modification to give your work a professional perspective. Play with the lightning, shadow effects and consider deep of field for specific design effect.

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#6. Jungle Safari Theme Square Booklet MockupJungle Safari Theme Booklet Mockup

We have decided to include one of our own freebies in this compilation. Our mockup template features Jungle Safari Theme Booklet design perfect for any wildlife-related project. The demonstration showcases a booklet template placed on a wooden template background with binocular and hand compass placed beside.

This open booklet template is in A4 size. Use your project-related image and replace it with the default one using smart layers. The background is completely different layers so if you wish to you can simply use the main design template in a different background. Changing the texture, color combination, including related items, background removal or inclusion everything is easy to perform through smart named layers. For any client based customization help, contact us and we will be glad to lend a hand.

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#7. Square Magazine And Square Booklet Mockup TemplateSquare Magazine And Booklet Template

The booklet is a broad term and there are plenty of products that can fit into this category.  A magazine is a close version of a booklet and for adding diversification we have included a square magazine and booklet dual version design template here. This template showcases a creative outlook of the modern design trend. Sophisticated yet classy with complementary color implementation is the main USP of this catchy design template. Free square magazine design template is created in a clear one mono-color background. Adequate smart layers, alternative color effects, pre-defined texture and easily customizable design elements, everything is there to produce an effective marketing or branding campaign.

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#8. Square Booklet MockupSquare Brochure Mockup

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#9. Artistic Square Booklet Mockup PSD DesignArtistic Square Booklet Mockup

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#10. Corporate Theme Booklet Design PSD FileCorporate Theme Booklet Design PSD File

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#11. Tri-Fold Square Booklet Mockup TemplateTri-Fold Square Booklet Template

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#12. Booklet On Wooden Table PSD DesignBooklet On Wooden Table PSD Design

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#13. Multiple Tri-Fold Booklet PSD Design TemplateMultiple Tri-Fold Booklet PSD Design Template

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#14. Light Brochure On Grey BackgroundSquare Booklet Mockup | 27+ Trendy Booklet PSD template 4

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#15. Light Pink Square Booklet Mockup PSDLight Pink Square Booklet Mockup

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#16. Photography Square Booklet MockupPhotography Booklet Mockup

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#17. Four-Fold Square Booklet TemplateFour-Fold Square Booklet Template

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#18. Wide Border Booklet MockupWide Border Booklet Mockup

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#19. Tri-Fold Business Booklet Template PSD FormatTri-Fold Business Booklet Template PSD Format

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#20. Attractive Square Booklet PSD DesignAttractive Square Booklet PSD Design

Trendy may change but what is classic will always have a value specially for design. This classic creation is simply amazing and can perfectly fit for any brochure or booklet design campaign. regardless of product type of business operation, use this template for brand awareness or simply market a new product. Using smart object insert the product logo and details and you have a brand new design ready. Go through the help file and understand how to perform modification before you start personalize customization.

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#21. Black And White Booklet TemplateBlack And White Booklet Template

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#22. 2018 Edition Square Brochure2018 Edition Square Brochure

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#23. Two Format Brochure & Card MockupTwo Format Brochure & Card Mockup

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#24. Interior Theme Square Booklet MockupInterior Theme Square Magazine

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#25. Thick Square Booklet Mockup Brochures Design

Thick Square Book Brochures Mock-ups

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#26. Square Brochure / Catalog / Magazine Mock-UpSquare Brochure / Catalog / Magazine Mock-Up

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#27. Square Booklet Mockup Design Template in PSDSquare Brochure Booklet Mockups

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