Free Laptop Mockup | 23+ Stunning Laptop PSD Presentations


Free Laptop Mockup | 23+ Stunning Laptop PSD Presentations -A laptop is a small, thick, portable mini-computer with a clam-shell Joining the upper lid and lower lid. The upper lid is an LCD or LED Screen and the lower lid is keyboard arranged with the clam-shell. It performs all the input and output functions. Laptops come with different specifications of a hard disk drive, optical disk, battery, ROM, RAM, screen size, etc. To use the laptop, open the clam-shell and to close fold the clam-shell. It is widely utilized for work and educational purposes, surfing nets, playing games, listening to music, watching videos and so on and so there is always a great demand for Laptop presentation mockup.

Check out our best laptop mockup for the presentation of your work. All the mockups are well organized and separated layered so that you can easily change whatever you want or text us at Fiverr for modification.

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1Mockupden Exclusive Free Laptop mockup PSD Files for our Visitors: Updated New Inclusion on 03/07/2020

2Free Laptop Mockup PSD Template

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3Free Laptop Pro Mockup PSD Template

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4#01 – Black Laptop Computer PSD Mockup

Black Laptop Computer PSD Mockup

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5#02 – Free Laptop Mockup PSD

Laptop Mockup PSD

This laptop looks very attractive with the design of the black border on the screen. It makes the perfect look with the matching color of the table and the lower lid of the laptop. The mock-up contains a mobile, white coffee cup and black headphone. Another big laptop is placed behind the laptop. On the screen, some account detail along with the bar charts are displaying. This template present in PSD format and you can edit in Adobe Photoshop.

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6#03 – Three Colour Laptop Mockups

Three Colour Laptop Mockups

This is one of the best laptop design mockups. The Laptops are present in three different colors with different combinations. The first one is in blue and red combination, the upper lid is the blue and the lower lid is red. The second is Green with Pink and the third one is pink with black.

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7#04 – Work Table Free Laptop Mockup

Work Table Laptop Mockup

The work table laptop is appearing to be ideal for the office. The laptop is placed on a table with a cell phone, notebook, a packet of cigarettes in the front. In the back, there is a lamp, Pot trees are present. The lower cover is of shiny silver color with a black keyboard and black border covering the screen. On the screen, some work is displaying something about company growth with a bar chart in two colors. It is presented in PSD format. If you want to download, click the link below.

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8#05 – Working on Laptop Mockup

Working on Laptop Mockup

A man working on a laptop with a notepad. The lower lid is white and the upper lid is black with black buttons. From Left-hand finger, he is typing words and from right, writing on the note pad with the help of a pen. There are several images showing on the screen in a white background.

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9#06 – Man Working on Laptop Mockup

Man Working on Laptop Mockup

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10#07 – Retina Screen Laptop PSD Template

Retina Screen Laptop PSD Template Available Here

11#08 – Laptop With iPhone Mockup

Laptop With iPhone Mockup

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12#09 – Sleek Laptop Mockup

Sleek Laptop Mockup Get It Now

13#10 – Awesome Design Laptop Mockup

Awesome Design Laptop Mockup

This awesome design laptop mockup is appearing very unique. The laptop is well designed with the curve edge. The lower lid is of white color and the keyboard buttons are black and the clamshell is also black holding strongly the upper lid. On the screen, a beautiful girl holding a flower. There is a black teacup and a white wireless mouse kept beside the laptop.

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14#11 – Rustic Wood Table Laptop Mockup

Rustic wood table Laptop mockup

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15#12 – Deep Background Free Laptop Mockup PSD

Deep Background Laptop Mockup PSD

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16#13 – Laptop on Wooden Platform Mockup

Laptop on Wooden Platform Mockup

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17#14 – Realistic Laptop Screen mockup

Realistic Laptop screen mockup

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18#15 – High Resolution Laptop Mockups

High Resolution Laptop Mockups Get It Now

19#16 – Laptop Mockup Front View PSD Template

Laptop Mockup Front View PSD Template

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20#17 – Laptop in a Restaurants Mockup

Laptop in a Restaurants Mockup

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21#18 – Man Using a Free Laptop Mockup on the Floor

Man Using a Laptop on the Floor Template

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22#19 – High Quality Laptop Mockups

High Quality Laptop Mockups Download Free

23#20 – Laptop Mockup with Camera

Laptop Mockup with Camera

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24#21 – Smartphone With Laptop PSD Template

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25#22 – Silver Grey Colour Laptop PSD Mockup

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26#23 – Businessman with Laptop Mockup

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