Hanger Mockup | 31+ Free & Premium Hanger PSD Templates 2019 Updated Collection


Hanger Mockup | 31+ Free & Premium Hanger PSD Templates 2019 Updated Collection – Hanger is one such thing which is used almost in every cupboard. Without hangers, it is simply not possible to keep clothes without getting them wrinkled. It also helps to save spaces in cupboard and clothes can be kept in an organized way. Whereas door hanger is used to display a message for viewers. They are used in shops, bars, hotels, motels and even in houses or offices to convey an important message such as whether the shop is open or closed, happy hours in bars, do not disturb sign in homes or offices etc. As there are vast use of hangers in different perspective so obviously there are different design patterns. Here we have listed 31+ Most attractive and new Free Hanger Mockup Design idea in PSD template format for you to consult and blend to make your own designs.

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Please be advised, this diversified list consist of different Free & Premium hanger mockups and door hanger mockups. Mockup scene is different for each presentation that you can have multiple design options to choose from. All files are editable and feel free to customize any part of the design using Photoshop vie smart layers.

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Latest Design Inclusion September 2019:

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#01 – Clothing Hanger Mockup PSD:

This hanger design is customizable. You can change the color, the wooden texture used in designing the mainframe hanger. Well, you can also insert the logo of your company to this hanger design by using the Photoshop software. This mockup scene is showcasing a wooden hanger with a holding pin on the top made of iron.

Clothing Hanger Mockup PSD

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#02 – Tote Bags & Hangers Mockup PSD:

Tote Bags & Hangers Mockup PSD

This mockup is a premium collection of 2 canvas Tote bags along with a Hanger set. You will ger different view perspective of these different mockup scene. Fully customizable PSD files will offer you ultimate alteration option. Download these pack if you need to work on either of the aforesaid category.

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#03 – Real Estate Door Hanger Mockup:

Overall details of this mockup design is:

  • 3 photorealistic designs to choose from.
  • Resolution of 3700*2700.
  • The background present here is changeable.
  • Layers are present.

Extract any of the 3 files from this mockup design set in PSD format and then create your own door hanger design.

Real Estate Door Hanger Mockup

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#04 – Yellow Background Door Hanger Mockup:

This particular yellow background mockup design has 6 different variations and styles. The 06 mockup files are in PSD format and the Help file is in PDF format to guide you. To know the further details of this mockup design, read further:

  • Change the background if you wish to.
  • Edit anything just with few steps through the support of smart objects.
  • Organized layers and folders are present.

Yellow Background Door Hanger Mockup

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#05 – Wall Wooden Poster hangers Mockup:

Wall Wooden Poster hangers Mockup

This is a multi purpose classic mockup scene showcasing different objects including a poster hanger. Use this mockup to present if you need to present design idea about a Tabel mockup, a table lamp, a table stand mockup, a home pant pot or a wall poster hanger mockup. Use smart layer to exclude any design element in this mockup scene or even change background, color scheme, texture element, shadow effect or in other word anything you want.

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#06 – Customization Wood Hanger Mockup:

Customization Wood Hanger Mockup

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#07 – Poster Hanger  Mockup:

Coming straight to the features of this mockup design which goes like:

  • 3 different photorealistic designs present.
  • The RGB color mode is used to prepare the designs.
  • Files are only present in PSD format.
  • A Help file is also present in PDF format.

Poster Hanger  Mockup

Another great poster hanger mockup scene you may consider to use in your next project. This amazing presentation is consisting a poster hanger, a wooden wall clock, a wooden table, a wooden theme table lamp, a show piece, some stacked books on the table, home pot plant and a couple of hanging lights. Great mockup scene to work and you can utilize this mockup in diversified project. In order to obtain this file, you have to subscribe Envato Marketplace.

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#08 – Red and Black Door Hanger Mockup:

Red and Black Door Hanger Mockup

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#09 – Realistic Door Hanger Mockup:

This product mockup features 2 different door hanger mockup design. With the help of this mockup set, you can showcase your style and designs.

Before using this particular mockup design, know the details from here:

  • Set contain files in PSD format.
  • Organized layers are present for faster editing.
  • Resolution of 3000*2000 pixels.
  • Printable size – 3.5*8.5.
  • Help file included with this mockup pack set.

Realistic Door Hanger Mockup

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#10 – Ladies T-shirt Hung on hanger Mockup:

This realistic mockup design contains different colored t-shirt for the ladies hanging on hangers. All these t-shirts are present in different hangers. You can present your designs with the help of this mockup design. But for representation, one needs to extract the files from the link provided.

After you have extracted the file, you can use the Photoshop software to insert your required design or color to the t-shirts according to your choice, customize the brand names, design elements, add or remove background, include any color effect or combination, texture or shadow could be used to highlight any part of the design etc. Ladies T-shirt Hung on hanger Mockup

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#11 – Copper Print Hanger Mockup:

This file comes with smart layers and objects. You can use the Photoshop software to make changes to the mockup design and give the hangers a complete new look.

The traits of this mockup are:

  • File Type present: PSD, JPG, AII.
  • Mockup files present is compatible with the software named Photoshop.
  • A dimension of 5000*3338 pixels.
  • Mockup file is perfect for online business purposes.

Copper Print Hanger Mockup

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#12 – Door Hanger Mockup:

Give this mockup design a professional touch by using the Photo editing software name Adobe Photoshop software. This door hanger is ready to use, only you need to apply the necessary changes that you want to see and then print it.

All the mockup files are of 2000*1600 pixels and when one extract the files, it consumes a space of 46.72 MB.

Door Hanger Mockup

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#13 – Print Hanger Mockup:

This image used as an illustration shows the ready-made file of this mockup design.

  • You can insert the changes you want to see by using the Adobe Photoshop software.
  • There are 2 different format files present – PSD, JPG.

You can print this mockup design in A3, A4, A or 5*7 paper size papers

Print Hanger Mockup

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#14 – T-shirt Hangers Mockup:

In this mockup design you get 5 PSD files and a user manual file as well.

The features of this mockup design are:

  • Mockup files are customizable with Adobe Photoshop software.
  • Hangers are even customizable.
  • Insert smart objects by simply dragging it.
  • Layers are also present in the mockup files.

T-shirt Hangers Mockup

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#15 – Poster Hanger Design Mockup:

This layered poster hanger design is a premium one. Before working with this Mockup design, know the traits of this mockup presentation.

  • 3 poster in different dimensions.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Shadow layers present.
  • A high quality of 2500*5000 px.

Poster Hanger Design Mockup

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#16 – Wood Coat Hanger Mockup:

One willing to work with this mockup gets 5 different psd files. He/she has the option of customizing any of the mockup file with the CC or CS4 version of Adobe Photoshop software.

The layers present in this mockup design will allow you to insert objects or pictures of your choice. Well, for pasting objects or images, you need the support of the software versions we mentioned.

The other features of this mockup are:

  • File format: PSD, All.
  • File size: 70.05 MB.
  • Dimension: 2000*1600 px.

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#17 – Square Print Hanger Mockup:

If an interested individual purchases this mockup design set, he/she gets:

  • A PSD file.
  • An AII file.

You can insert your favorite square images in this mockup file by using any editing software, use of Adobe Photoshop software is also appreciated and welcomed.

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#18 – T-Shirt Hanged on Hangers Mockup:

As you can see two different t-shirts are hanged with the help of Hangers os it is a perfect design scene to showcase T-shirt Mockup or Hanger mockup.

Use the Photoshop software, to change the t-shirt color, also insert some design on both the sides of the t-shirt. Feel free to use your own company t-shirt brand logo or image right in the center of the t-shirt.

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#19 – T-Shirt and Hanger Mockup PSD:

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#20 – Poster Hanger Mockup PSD:

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#21 – White Color Hanger Mockup:

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#22 – Elegant Design T-Shirt and Hanger Mockup:

Elegant t-shirts are hung on hangers from a height. The t-shirt design shown is a mere illustration and you can put on any different design you want and advertise it.

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#23 – 12 PSD Hanger Mockup:

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#24 – Fashion Branding Mockup PSD:

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#25 – Clean Poster Hanger Mockup PSD:

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#26 – 4 PSD Women Sleeveless T-Shirt Mockup PSD:

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#27 – Wooden Hanger with Clean Background Mockup PSD:

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#28 – Handbag Hanged on T-Shirt Hanger Mockup:

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#29 – Editable tank top hung in a Hanger Mockup:

This tank top is present in 5 different forms. If you have a printing company or if you have a t-shirt business and looking for some ideas use this mockup scene to demonstrate how the t-shirt will look when they are hanged on hangers.

The tank top, the hanger and as well the background is editable. You can insert any design that you want and also change the color scheme. Change the background if you wish to and also of the hanger. By this procedure, you will create a completely new design and use it as an advertisement.

Use the Adobe Photoshop software to do all the above processes we mentioned.

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#30 – Fashion Set with Hanger Mockup:

Men’s fashion apparel mockup set is here. This editable PSD file is prepared with intense care in order to help those interested people who are looking for ways to advertise their fashion apparel brand.

One interested in using this mockup design must use the CS6+ version of Photoshop software to apply changes as required.

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#31 – Hanger Styled Logo Mockup:

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